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I am a self-help author, blogger, and short stories writer. I bring ‘classical wisdom to modern life' by using philosophical principles and psychological concepts. The advice given is scientifically proven, practical, and tailored for living in the modern world. I write weekly blogs and provide monthly newsletters to help make your life slightly easier. So, join the community if you too want super advice.

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Managing Anxiety

With everyday pressure, boredom, and stress, learn the tools to help cope with anxiety in all parts of your life.

Personal Values

What is important to you, what do you care about most, what would you fight for the most, and what steers your actions.

Finding Meaning

How to be responsible in finding your purpose, what meaning do you choose that's bigger than your fears.


Learn the true nature of successful relationships, both personally and professionally.


Be Bold Be Brave

Courage is required to face fear; if we don’t face adversity and remain in our comfort zone, we build up anxiety. This then leads to

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The Four Pillars of Strength 

There are four big lessons I learned in 2022; There are as follows; that Timing is everything, anything worthwhile has no shortcuts, validation is essential for success, and regret is the ultimate

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